NSO Birth Certificate Request Available During Holy Week

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

News bit from the grapevine that you can use before the Holy Week kicks off.

This coming Holy Week, even while on vacation, you can still request for your birth, marriage, death or CENOMAR certificates from NSO by calling the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline (02)737-1111. Even during the holiday, you can have your certificate requested and processed for you, by a service brought to you by National Statistics Office in partnership with citizen service provider Teleserv.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline (02)737-1111 will keep its doors, phone lines, and delivery services open even in the peak of the Lenten Season. Anyone from anywhere in the Philippines can call the hassle-free service anytime; one call is all it takes to jumpstart every Filipino’s NSO service requirement. This service is also available via online chat by logging-in at the http://www.birthcertificates.com.ph where you can enjoy a one click NSO application chat experience. NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline (02)737-1111 is a convenient option in saving time, effort, and even overtaking the holiday log jam. The service includes door-to-door delivery anywhere in the Philippines.

Teleserv is also the foremost citizen partner of POEA in giving public service to OFWs for their overseas exit clearance procurement through online application at http://www.oecdelivery.com.ph and the DFA in providing passport appointment at http://www.passport.com.ph. Visit http://www.citizenservices.com.ph for the latest updates on citizen services for NSO, DFA and POEA.

Source: http://www.citizenservices.com.ph/blog/view/id/270

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