MMDA: No number coding from April 19 to 22, 2011

Bonjour. Mabuhay.

MMDA Update.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will lift the number coding scheme from Holy Tuesday to Good Friday (April 19 to 22).

But the MMDA, in an announcement on its website, still advised motorists to avoid Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and take other routes.

“The number coding or the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) will be lifted starting Holy Tuesday, April 19. This will be so until Good Friday, April 22,” it said.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said the four-day suspension of UVVRP will allow motorists unhampered mobility while going to and from the provinces during the Holy Week.

“We’re also expecting that public transport terminals will have their hands full accommodating thousands of commuters. By allowing the public to freely use their vehicles, this will help lessen the strain on them,” he said.

But he said motorists should avoid EDSA as much as possible and instead use Mabuhay Lanes, a series of alternate routes the agency has opened last December.

The Mabuhay lanes start at both North and South entry points of EDSA.

For northbound motorists going south, they may use McArthur Highway, right turn to Samson Road, C-4/Letre, R-10, A. Bonifacio, Roxas Boulevard to destination.

Motorists coming from the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) can exit at various points, most importantly at the newly constructed Mindanao Avenue access ramp.

From South to North, the Mabuhay lanes start at Coastal Road and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

During Holy Week, motorists may use the following alternate routes.

* To North of Luzon:
Take C-5 Road to QMC then right to Visayas Avenue, then left to Congressional Ave., then right to Mindanao Avenue, then take Mindanao-NLEX link to destination, or vice versa;

Take C-5 to QMC then right to North Avenue, right to Mindanao Avenue, then the Mindanao-NLEX link to destination south of Luzon

* Rizal province:
from Bicutan interchange take DR A. Santos Avenue then straight ahead to C-6 to destination, or vice versa

* Cavite:
from South Superhighway take South Station Exit then straight ahead and take Daang Hari to destination

* Tagaytay:
From South Superhighway take Sta. Rosa Exit or Greenfield Exit

The MMDA, in coordination with various agencies, has created Task Force M.A.S.S. (Metro Alalay Semana Santa) to ensure the safe and convenient movement of motorists and commuters during the Holy Week, particularly in areas identified as convergence points of travelers such as provincial bus terminals, airports, and seaports.

The Task Force, composed of about 1,000 traffic enforcers, is headed by Assistant General Manager for Operation Emerson Carlos.

Holy Week

From Holy Monday (April 18), to Holy Wednesday (April 20), MMDA traffic enforcers will be posted at transport terminals and traffic choke points, and near churches and pilgrimage routes on Maundy Thursday (April 21), and Good Friday (April 22).

Tolentino said Sidewalk Clearing Operations Group (SCOG) and Parking Discipline Office (PDO) teams of the MMDA will assist traffic enforcers in managing traffic in major roads and critical areas.

With this year’s Holy Week coinciding with the school summer break, Tolentino said the MMDA is expecting a higher-than-usual number of vacationers, which would result in traffic congestion at exit points of Metro Manila and at land, sea, and air transport terminals.

He assured the agency’s traffic personnel will be on hand to assist motorists and commuters.

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