International School Manila Now Accepting Scholarship Applications for Grade 8

Here is an opportunity you would not want to miss. The International School Manila is currently searching for deserving Filipino scholars for school year 2016-2017. If your child is 13 or 14 years old (or turning 13 years old on or before September 1, 2016), have completed the academic requirements equivalent to ISM’s Grade 7,Continue reading “International School Manila Now Accepting Scholarship Applications for Grade 8”

Panagbenga 2016: All Roads Lead to Baguio City

It’s that time of the year again when people make a beeline to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, and it’s not even summer yet!  The Panagbenga Festival, or the Baguio Flower Festival, has become one of the most popular city celebrations in the country, attracting local and foreign tourists by the hundreds of thousands.Continue reading “Panagbenga 2016: All Roads Lead to Baguio City”

Philhealth Contribution Table for 2016

Ailments, especially those that require hospital confinement, surgery, and maintenance medications can be challenging not just on the physical aspect, but more so on our finances. When one gets employed, he is required to submit his Philhealth number to ensure that all contributions are properly remitted by his employer into his account.  Even self-employed individuals,Continue reading “Philhealth Contribution Table for 2016”

Visa Free Countries para sa Lakwatserong Pinoy (o Lakwatserang Pinay)

What keeps you from grabbing that airfare promo? You know you want it, why don’t you get it? The most common answer one would get is: Hassle kumuha ng visa! The Pinoy passport ranks 69th in the world for free entries. This can greatly discourage a first-time traveler from making an effort to apply forContinue reading “Visa Free Countries para sa Lakwatserong Pinoy (o Lakwatserang Pinay)”

The New SSS Contribution Table for 2016

I am sharing the following table of SSS contribution as received from SSS recently.  If you are an employer, it would be wise to have a print-out of this table to serve as a reminder of the deadlines you need to meet in remitting the contributions of your employees.  This is also very helpful forContinue reading “The New SSS Contribution Table for 2016”

What’s Hip in 1989?

Who knew you’d one day be reading about what was “hip” or “cool” in the years that you were a kid?  We always thought it’s just our parents who grow or have grown old and “yester-years” was a word we heard only in old songs. Well, here I am, happily researching on everything about theContinue reading “What’s Hip in 1989?”

10 Weekend Activities the Family Can Enjoy

Weekends need not be spent sleeping in late and just bumming around the house. After the kids have finished their home works, you can try exploring the great outdoors, start on a family craft project, or organize a movie night, complete with homemade pizza, popcorn, and fruit shakes! It doesn’t have to be an expensiveContinue reading “10 Weekend Activities the Family Can Enjoy”

Study in Canada Fair 2016

Are you interested in pursuing your studies abroad?  Would you like to explore a different culture, meet new people, and begin living independently while in college?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to attend the Study in Canada Fair 2016. The event is organized by the Embassy of CanadaContinue reading “Study in Canada Fair 2016”