What’s Hip in 1989?


Who knew you’d one day be reading about what was “hip” or “cool” in the years that you were a kid?  We always thought it’s just our parents who grow or have grown old and “yester-years” was a word we heard only in old songs.

Well, here I am, happily researching on everything about the ‘80s and the ‘90s and finding myself giddy with excitement as I take a trip down the inevitable “memory lane”.  Has it really been 20 or 30 years since I last saw a Magnolia Chocolait glass bottle?  Why do I still know every word in Manilyn Reynes’ hit single “Sayang na Sayang”?  And GMA Supershow was what we watched on TV every Sunday afternoon.  Somebody take me back to 1989!



  1. Leg warmers. Hindi uso ang bellbottom pants noon 1989. Young girls wore leggings or “tights” and then instead of socks, they wore knitted leg warmers.  Mas makulay, mas “in”!  This was probably influenced by the movie Flashdance. Uso din noong ‘80s ang aerobics at madalas na suot ng mga model sa mga exercise videos ang leg warmers.
  2. Acid washed jeans.  Kung hindi rin lang acid-washed ang pantalon mo, mag shorts ka na lang!  Teenagers like to wear the ones that look more worn out and faded.  Yung mga hindi makabili, binubuhusan ng bleach ang mga lumang pantalon nila para magmukhang “acid washed”.


  1. Spike hair. Kahit mga girls gustong magpalagay ng spiked bangs.  Para magmukhang nakatayo ang mga buhok nila, naglalagay sila ng gel at ang gel noon ay talagang mahusay mag “hold” ng hairstyle.  Kung naka spike ang buhok mo sa umaga bago ka pumasok sa school, spike ka pa din hanggang makauwi ka sa hapon.
  2. Big bangs.  The secret is to tease the bangs so you look like someone pulled your hair and then comb it back up until it “puffs”.  When it does, hold the look with loads of hairspray until you get your desired stiffness.  Voila!  Big bangs!


  1. Hi-C Orange. Apart from the ever-popular Zest-o juice drink, there was also the Hi-C Orange drink.  It’s orange juice sold in handy tetra-boxes and tasted really good!
  2. Texas Bubble Gum. Kung may “Judge” at “V-Fresh” ngayon, may Texas bubble gum noon. Di tulad ng mga kasabay niyang Bazooka Joe at Big Boy, ang Texas ay may kakaibang mint taste at mas malambot na texture.  Ang alala ko, mas mura din siya kesa sa Bazooka (siguro dahil walang free na comic strips!).

Ano ang naaalala mo from the ‘80s? Share your fondest memories here!

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