Voting Tips for the May 9, 2016 Elections


Last month, the COMELEC has announced the final voting hours on Monday, May 9, 2016.  Precincts will be open and ready to assist voters at 6am and will close its doors at 5pm as stated on Resolution No. 10088.

Here are some tips for us Pinoy voters on election day:

  • Come to your designated precinct early.
  • Any type of clothing that has the name or photo of a candidate is strictly prohibited.
  • Make sure to look for your name on the voter’s list posted near the precinct.
  • Bring your list of candidates to serve as your guide.  Campaign materials are not allowed inside the voting precincts.
  • When your ballot is handed to you, take time to inspect that it is new and not tampered with.
  • You will be provided with a ballot, a ballot folder, and a marking pen.  Do not use other pens as this will invalidate your ballot.
  • Do not allow anyone to peek into your ballot, use the folder as cover.  Even poll clerks are not supposed to be peeking into your ballot while are working on it.
  • Follow the prescribed shading and do not write anything else on your ballot.  The machine will not read your ballot if there are other writings on it.
  • Do not crumple, fold, drop liquid, or perforate your ballot.
  • When you have completely accomplished the ballot, proceed to the Vote Counting Machine and insert your ballot in the entry slot.
  • Hand over the folder and pen to the poll clerk.
  • Standby for your voter’s receipt; the poll clerk will cut this and hand to you.
  • Have your forefinger applied with indelible ink.
  • Go over your voter’s receipt and report any discrepancy immediately.  Make sure that your concern is properly noted and acknowledged in writing by the poll clerk.
  • If you are satisfied with the contents of your voter’s receipt, drop it in the voter’s receipt receptacle.  Taking a photo of or bringing the receipt outside of the precinct premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Leave the poll area when you are finished to allow others their chance to cast their votes.

For voters with special needs (PWDs, Illiterate):

  • Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and illiterate will be allowed to vote only if their status is duly indicated on the Election Day Computerized Voters’ List.
  • PWDs may be assisted only by the following individuals:
    • A relative within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity.
    • A trusted person who belongs to the same household.
    • Any member of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI)
  • Authority of person assisting the PWD voter shall be verified by the poll clerk.
  • Ballot secrecy folder of the PWD voter shall then be prepared by authorized assistant.
  • The person assisting the PWD shall, under oath, promise to strictly adhere to the instructions of the voter.  He will be asked to sign a document in support of his oath.
  • Precincts will provide headphones for PWDs, Senior Citizens, and illiterate voters so they can listen to the instructions when inserting their ballots.
  • Precincts should be located on the ground floor of the voting center as prescribed by law.






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