Philhealth Benefits and More Part 3: Z Benefit Packages

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Z Benefit Packages were created by the government to help address patients’ needs of some cancer cases and other illnesses that require longer hospital confinement and special treatment procedures.  These are available through Philhealth and may be availed by contributing members and their qualified dependents.

In the third installment of our blog series on Philhealth benefits, we are going to feature the partial list of illnesses categorized as “Z” cases and the corresponding amount of Philhealth benefits for each:

Benefit Package and Amount of Benefit Selections Criteria
Acute Lymphocytic / Lymphoblastic Leukemia (standard risk)

Php 210,000.00

a. Signed Member Empowerment (ME) Form;

b. Age 1 to less than 10 years old;

c. White blood cell count <50,000/µL;

d. No CNS leukemia diagnosis

Breast Cancer (Stage 0 to IIIA)

Php 100,000.00

a. Signed ME form

b. Follow Philhealth’s prescribed clinical and TNM staging.

Prostate Cancer (low to maintenance risk)

Php 100,000.00

a. Signed ME Form;

b. Male patients age up to 70 years old;

c. Follow Philhealth’s prescribed clinical stage.

d. Localized prostate cancer; and

e. No uncontrolled co-morbid conditions.

End-state renal disease eligible for requiring kidney transplantation (low risk)

Php 600,000.00

a. Signed ME Form;

b. Age >10 and <70 years old;

Single organ transplant

c. Follow prescribed conditions for kidney transplant for recipient.

d. Certification from social service of the hospital that they can maintain anti-rejection medicines for the next three years.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (standard risk)

Php 550,000.00

a. Signed ME Form

b. Age 19 to 70 years

c. Should pass current medical status and past history as prescribed by Philhealth.

Surgery for Tetralogy of Fallot in Children

Php 320,000.00

a. Signed ME Form

b. Age: 1 to 10 years + 364 days

c. Should pass 2D Echo and Functional Class specifications prescribed by Philhealth.

Surgery for Ventricular Septal Defect in Children

Php 250,000.00

a. Signed ME Form

b. Age: 1 to 5 years + 364 days

c. Must pass 2D Echo results as prescribed by Philhealth.

d. No previous cardiac surgery.

e. Must pass pulmonary artery pressure as prescribed by Philhealth.

Cervical Cancer:

a. Chemoradiation with Cobalt and Brachytherapy (low dose).

Php 120,000.00


b. Chemoradiation with Linear Accelerator and Brachytherapy (high dose)

Php 175,000.00

a. Signed ME Form

b. No previous chemotherapy

c. No previous radiotherapy

d. No uncontrolled co-morbid conditions

e. Treatment plan from gynecologic oncologist

On Monday, we will feature Z benefits dealing with fractures, orthopedic implants, and rehabilitation, so stay tuned.

If you have questions about Philhealth benefits, send us a message and we will do our best to search for the best answers for you.

Have a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Philhealth Benefits and More Part 3: Z Benefit Packages

  1. Good pm po sir/maam! Paano po step by step procedure para po makapag avail po ng z morph para po sa father ko na 65 yo. and above the knee amputee?

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