How Much is PhilHealth’s Coverage for Wounds Due to Burning?

Dec 03

December is Firecrackers Injury Prevention Month as announced by PhilHealth in their Facebook page. I think it is a timely and relevant campaign as Christmas and New Year are but a few weeks away and we all know that the Pinoy holidays are never complete if we do not light a few fireworks.  Because of this, hospitals and clinics are also bracing themselves for the onslaught of wounded patients due to firecracker burning.

The PhilHealth case rate packages include burns that require hospital confinement.  For your proper information and guidance below are the rates and conditions when availing this type of benefit:

  • Burn A Rate: Php 8,500
  • Burn B Rate: Php 10,600
  • Confined at: Level 1, 2, and 3 hospitals
  • Conditions when availing:
    • The victim must be a listed qualified dependent or is an active PhilHealth member himself and has complete qualifying contributions;
    • Has not used up his 45-day regular benefit limit;
    • Is admitted at a PhilHealth-accredited facility for no less than 24 hours;
    • Is attended to by a PhilHealth accredited doctor.

How do you determine if the wound is Burn A rate or Burn B?

Burn A category are first degree burns in the areas of the head and neck, shoulders and upper limbs.   Burn B category are second and third degree burns involving multiple regions and affecting 20% to 50% of body surface.

For the complete list of cases for A and B burns, click this link:


Stay safe this holiday season, whether from sickness brought about by the changing weather or injuries from the many merry-making and parties you will be attending in the days to come.  Always make sure that your PhilHealth contributions are updated and accurate to avoid problems with your hospital bills, especially during the holidays when government offices are closed.


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