When Will The National ID Be Implemented?

1 jan 07

A lot of people have been asking when the PhilSys ID (or National ID) will be implemented so we did some research to find out.

Earlier, we mentioned that the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has been assigned to manage the implementation of the national ID system. Last October 2018, the PSA announced that they shall begin a “proof of concept” trial period for the issuance of the said identification cards.

In order to test the process created for the project, one million unconditional cash transfer beneficiaries of the DSWD will be asked to register for national IDs.  They shall also be given the privilege to begin using their national IDs ahead of other Pinoys.  The POC shall be carried out by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) by virtue of an agency-to-agency agreement with the PSA.  This will last around six months and is set to start this month.

From this test run, the PSA hopes to identify areas of the system that need adjustments.  Any fine-tuning needed for the registration process or technical specification shall be indicated in the contract prior to the full implementation of the program.

This year, PSA is targeting to register the first six million Filipinos that are listed as Unconditional Cash Transfer Beneficiaries (UCTB).  And by 2020, they shall target the registration of 25 million Filipinos and resident aliens every year.  By 2023, all Pinoys shall have his own PhilSys ID.

For updates on the National ID system, follow our blog.


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