How to Correct the Birth Date, Month, and Birth Year in a PSA Birth Certificate

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Do you have a problem with the entries in your birth date, month, or year in your birth certificate?  Like any other error, your birth date details are as vital because it indicates your age – a vital requirement for job applications, getting a driver’s license, school enrollment, and other transactions that have age requirements.  If your birth date details are erroneous or inaccurate, you have to have these corrected right away.

Here’s how:

  1. Wrong Birth Date

The owner may file a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error at the Local Civil Registry (LCR) where the birth record containing the day in the date of birth to be corrected is registered.

If the petitioner has migrated to another place within the Philippines and may no longer be practical for him to travel back to his birthplace, the petition may be filed with the LCR of the place where the petitioner is currently residing.

If the petitioner’s birth was reported abroad and is presently residing in the Philippines, the petition may be filed with the LCR of the place of residence following the procedures of the migrant petition.

  1. Wrong Birth Month

The process to correct a wrong birth month in your birth certificate is similar with correcting an incorrect birth date.

  1. Wrong Birth Year

This type of error in the birth certificate is not covered by R.A. No. 9048 or the Clerical Error Law of 2001.  Errors in the civil register pertaining to a person’s age (determined by the year of birth indicated in his birth certificate) need to undergo a court proceeding and with the aid of a lawyer.

Note that the fees for the amendment of wrong birth date and month that LCRs may charge may vary.  Always make sure that you pay only to the LCR cashier and that you are issued a government receipt after paying.  You will need this later on when claiming the first corrected copy of your birth certificate.

The fees and processes for the correction of an incorrect birth year will all depend on the attorney’s fees and LCR that shall handle the case.  Again, make sure you are paying only to the city hall cashier and are issued the necessary official receipt from the government.

We have a summary of solutions to the most common PSA birth certificate problems!  Read our blog, Common PSA Birth Certificate Problems (and their solutions!).


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12 thoughts on “How to Correct the Birth Date, Month, and Birth Year in a PSA Birth Certificate

  1. Magkano po kaya ang gagstusin if kailangan ng lawyer pra Maayos ang birth years’sir/ma’am,un din pi kasi ang problema ko ang year ng birth ko.

    1. Mag inquire po muna kayo sa Public Attorney’s Office or PAO kung merong makakapag bigay sa inyo ng free legal assistance. Pwede din po kayong mag inquire sa family lawyer kung magkano ang acceptance and retainer’s fees nila for cases like yours.

    1. Mag inquire po kayo sa LCR (munisipyo) kung saan naka rehistro ang birth certificate ninyo para malaman niyo kung pwedeng petition for correction of clerical error ang gawin sa mga error sa spelling ng pangalan niyo.

  2. Hi good day wala po akong record s NSO since 1989 upto 2011 nagpa late regester ako with the help of “komadrona” s center ng brngy. Ok naman kasi napasok naman ung name q s NSO that time at nagka record ako pero bago ako kumuha ng orig na bc sa NSO binigyn nia ako ng copy n green s lcr at nso birth cert advance dw un after 6 to 12 months meron nadw s NSO ginamit q ung hawak ko na document pra sa pag aapply ng passport kinumpiska nila dahil tamperd dw at need nila ung bago.. Nagtry aq kumuha after 6 months ayon!! 2012 nga ung nka lagay na year of birth ko which is 1989 dapat..kahit s lcr ganun din ung nakaregistered. Nkakalungkot lang dahil simula nun dko na nakita ung komadrona s center.. Nagtiwal po ako nirefer lang din skin ng mother ng friend ko. Makocorrect ppo ba un? At magkano kaya ang estimated na babayaran s ganon?

    1. Next time po, kung may problema kayo sa birth certificate o kahit na anong public document ninyo, makipag transact po kayo sa government mismo — sa munisipyo o kung saan mang legitimate government agency na may hawak ng concern ninyo. Siguro po mas matagal ang proseso sa kanila pero mas sigurado kayo na tama ang ginagawa sa papers ninyo, lalo na po ang mga importanteng documents na tulad ng birth certificate.

      Ang problema po ninyo ngayon ay mali ang year of birth sa birth certificate ninyo. Ang mga ganyang cases po ay dumadaan sa court proceedings. Ibig sabihin, kakailanganin ninyo ang services ng isang lawyer at dadaan kayo sa proseso ng court order.

      Mas magasto at mas matagal.

      Please share your experience with others para hindi sila basta-basta magtitiwala sa mga fixers.


  3. Hi poh .
    May error kasi sa birth ko
    Mali ang month and year .
    What i should do . How many years na kasi then completo na yung mga benefits ko.
    What i should do?
    Para maitama ang errors.
    Hope may right answer.

    1. Hi Jinnabel,

      Since birth year ang may problem sa birth certificate mo, kailangan itong dumaan sa court order. Ibig sabihin, kailangan mo ang services ng lawyer para matulungan kang ma-correct ang maling birth year sa iyong birth certificate.


      1. Hello po,panu q po mapalitan birth year q po f ung copy po ng birthcertificate qoe po nwla or nasunog po nun kasagsagan ng gira sa marawi siege…kc po nun mgpagwa me ng birth certificate namali pag type ng nsa REGISTRAR nmn sa lugar nmn dpt sna 1987 nailgay nya po 1981 ska q po napancn nun pinaprocess qna ang papers q papnta abroad kya d q po naayos kc pa expired po ubg visa q papnta abroad kya nasunod q birth year q ung 1981…ngaun po gusto q po palitan pra po marenew q ang passport qoe at ung totoong birth year qoe po mailgay qoe…anuboo ba dpt qng gawin???

      2. Kapag birth year ang may problema, dumadaan sa court hearing yan.

        Mag inquire ka sa munisipyo kung saan ka naka rehistro, pero normally, dadaan sa court yan ang kakailanganin mo ang services ng isang lawyer.


    1. Hi Mary,

      Here are the possible errors that can be committed in the birthplace field in your birth certificate:

      A. Only the name of the hospital is indicated in the birth place field.
      B. There are no entries in the birth place field.

      C. The birth place written in your birth certificate is incorrect

      Here is the solution:

      1. Bring 2 copies of the latest LCR and PSA copies of birth certificate to be corrected to the LCR.
      2. Bring a certification from the hospital where you were born; certificate must bear the hospital’s address.
      3. If the hospital is no longer in business, submit a certificate from the barangay to prove that the hospital used to be established in the area.
      4. School records of petitioner
      5. Voter’s registration records
      6. Latest community tax certificate from place of residence or place or work.

      Hope this helps.


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