How to Order a PSA Birth Certificate through Facebook Messenger

I had to see it to believe it.  Ordering my birth certificate through Facebook chat?  I didn’t think it was possible until I tried it myself.  And it works! The service is provided by; they are the same guys behind the (02) 737-1111 hotline that you can call to order PSA birth certificates, marriage,Continue reading “How to Order a PSA Birth Certificate through Facebook Messenger”

How to Order Your PSA Birth Certificate Online

If you need a copy of your PSA birth certificate (or any PSA document such as a marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR), you can now order it online and have it delivered to your home or office address.  This is more convenient especially for employed individuals who only have the weekends off, or thoseContinue reading “How to Order Your PSA Birth Certificate Online”

Airport Fees You Need to Know

It was in 2006 when I first traveled by plane; I went with a couple of friends to Hong Kong on a do-it-yourself type of tour because we thought it was cheaper and we had the freedom to go to all the places we wanted to see.  However, this also meant that we did notContinue reading “Airport Fees You Need to Know”

All You Need to Know About the SSS Expanded Maternity Leave Benefit

The Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 11210 or the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law has been released.  We are sharing with you the salient points of the IRR, for easier reference.  Note that this applies to all female workers that shall give birth, whether married or single, working in the private sector orContinue reading “All You Need to Know About the SSS Expanded Maternity Leave Benefit”

When Can I Get the Corrected Copy of my Birth Certificate?

Now that we know the different types of birth certificate errors and how we can have these corrected, the next question we need to answer is when will the amended copies of the birth certificate be made available?  This is important information that we all need to know, especially since Pinoys only attend to mattersContinue reading “When Can I Get the Corrected Copy of my Birth Certificate?”

Changes in the Birth Certificate that Need Judicial Correction

There are certain birth certificate errors that need the services of a lawyer and must undergo court proceedings.  These cases will be determined by the Local Civil Registry office that will evaluate the error in your birth certificate.  Remember, before any correction or petition can be filed or applied to your birth certificate, the LCRContinue reading “Changes in the Birth Certificate that Need Judicial Correction”

National ID for Children Below 5 Years Old

Children must be issued their very own National IDs as well.  Most parents may ask how soon after a child is born, can he be registered and listed as an owner of a National ID? Here are the guidelines set by the PSA for the national ID registration of children: Children below five years oldContinue reading “National ID for Children Below 5 Years Old”

List of Registration Centers Where You Can Get Your National ID

Do you know where you can register for the National ID once it becomes available in September?  Here’s the list from the IRR of RA 11055 or the Philippine Identification System Act: Registration Centers Every citizen or resident alien shall register personally in any of the following registration centers that have the necessary facilities toContinue reading “List of Registration Centers Where You Can Get Your National ID”