SSS Maternity Benefit to Increase Up to P70,000

January 2020 (and onwards) may just be the best time to give birth after SSS announced that maternity benefits for eligible SSS female members could reach up to P70,000 by next year.  According to the SSS, the recently implemented new minimum and maximum monthly salary credit for members and as a result, the usual maternityContinue reading “SSS Maternity Benefit to Increase Up to P70,000”

Why Do We Need A National ID System?

The National ID has been the subject of a lot of reports ever since the President signed this into law last August 2018.  Recently, the government announced that the pilot run for the registration and issuance of the ID shall begin on September 2019, driving some to scamper for copies of the required documents andContinue reading “Why Do We Need A National ID System?”

2019 Facts and Figures on Philippine Employment

Did you know that employment figures improved in April (2019) and that more people had better job opportunities this year compared with April of 2018? The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently reported the employment rates and it is encouraging to know that some 74,000 Filipinos landed jobs in the second quarter of this year.  GoodContinue reading “2019 Facts and Figures on Philippine Employment”

New Law: Free Internet and Clean Restrooms in Transport Terminals

Good news for commuters, especially those that travel by provincial buses and Ro-Ro boats (in roll-on/roll-off terminals).  The government has recently signed into law, RA 1131, mandating all operators of transport terminals to provide free internet service and clean restroom to passengers. What is included in this new law? The newly implemented RA (Republic Act)Continue reading “New Law: Free Internet and Clean Restrooms in Transport Terminals”

How To Keep Your Mobile Number For Life

May forever!  With the mobile number that you are using, that is. Thanks to a new law signed by the President last February, us Pinoys now get to keep our mobile numbers even when we decide to change service providers or switch from prepaid subscription to postpaid subscription, at no cost.  This is covered byContinue reading “How To Keep Your Mobile Number For Life”

Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays

Now, you no longer need to take a leave from work just to have your driver’s license renewed.  The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently announced that their branches in malls shall now process applications for the renewal of driver’s licenses as well as issue student permits.  This shall be effective this month (June) andContinue reading “Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays”

25 Countries Where Filipinos Are Not Allowed To Work

Are you planning to work abroad as an OFW? Many Filipinos have found good employment and earning opportunities abroad, whether as a professional or a skilled worker.  Filipinos are known for being industrious, trustworthy, and hardworking that is why it is not surprising to know that wherever there is a job to be done inContinue reading “25 Countries Where Filipinos Are Not Allowed To Work”

List of Requirements for the DOST 2020 Scholarship Program

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is now accepting applications for the 2020 undergraduate scholarship program.  Grade 12 students who wish to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as non-STEM students who belong to the top 5% of their graduating class, are also welcome to apply. All applications mustContinue reading “List of Requirements for the DOST 2020 Scholarship Program”