All You Need to Know About SSS Maternity Benefits

A friend of mine just became a Mom for the first time! So in honor of moms, I decided to research and write about one of the most important benefit claims that women must be fully aware of: the SSS maternity benefit!

Read this and share it with your friends and families.

First and foremost, the SSS now grants the 105-day expanded maternity leave as mandated under RA 11210.  This allows moms to spend more time with their newborn baby before she is required to report back to work.

How do you avail of the SSS’ maternity benefits?

To avail of SSS maternity benefits, you must have paid at least three months’ contributions within the 12-month period before the semester of contingency. A semester is equivalent to two consecutive quarters that ends with the quarter of contingency.

What are the benefits under the Extended Maternity Leave Law?

  1. Qualified female workers in the public and private sectors are granted paid leaves for the following leave durations:
    • 105 days – live childbirth through normal or Cesarean section; this includes babies that were born alive but died after a few hours or days from birth.
    • 120 days – Solo parents are given an additional 15 days leave under RA No. 8972 (or the Solo Parents Welfare Act).
    • 60 days – for miscarriages or Emergency Termination of Pregnancy (ETP).
  2. Female employees shall receive full pay from employer:
    • SSS maternity benefit
    • Salary differential from employer.
  3. The employee, upon approval of her employer, may extend her leave for an additional 30 days without pay.
  4. Female national athletes are given paid maternity leaves and allowances.

How much is the maternity benefit package?

  • Daily cash allowance of 100% of the member’s average daily salary credit for compensable period of 105, 120, or 60 days, whichever is applicable.

When will the employee receive her benefit?

  • The employer must pay the employee within 30 days from filing of Maternity Leave Application.
  • SSS shall pay the following directly:
    • Contingency occurred during employment but currently unemployed, temporarily laid off, or company is on labor strike.
    • Unemployed, self-employed, voluntary member, OFW, non-working spouse.

Tomorrow we shall feature the documentary requirements you need to present when availing of the SSS maternity benefits.


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