What You Can and Cannot Do Under The Different Community Quarantine Classifications

As I write this, Metro Manila is once again placed under GCQ With Heightened Restrictions quarantine classification. This came after the Octa Research revealed that if we do not tighten the comings and goings of people, we might experience what happened in India because of the onslaught of the Delta variant of COVID-19. There areContinue reading “What You Can and Cannot Do Under The Different Community Quarantine Classifications”

List of SSS Benefits That You Can Transact Online

Now that our country is facing yet another threat from the ever-evolving COVID-19 virus, it is good to know that government agencies are finding ways and means to make their offices more accessible to us (the public) through online platforms. I have personally tried and experienced applying for a loan with Pag-IBIG and SSS onlineContinue reading “List of SSS Benefits That You Can Transact Online”

How to Apply for a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall

Last week, I had the experience of a lifetime — I filed my application for a marriage license! Yes, I’m getting married! So, while there, I grabbed the opportunity to take as much photos as I can to document the process. I’m sharing my firsthand experience here today hoping it could help others who mayContinue reading “How to Apply for a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall”

How to Register as a Voter thru iRehistro

The Comelec iRehistro is the online registration platform implemented by the COMELEC to allow Filipino voters to register, update their information, or reactivate their voter records and reinstate their name in the voters’ list. This was made available to the public last September 2020 and all qualified Filipino citizens are encouraged to sign up andContinue reading “How to Register as a Voter thru iRehistro”

How to Prepare for a Typhoon in the Midst of a Pandemic

The rain that drenched Metro Manila early Saturday morning was strong enough to cause gutter-deep flooding in the Espana Avenue area in Sampaloc. If you saw the photos last weekend, you would think that a strong typhoon passed by while we were all fast asleep. But the truth is, we are simply in the midstContinue reading “How to Prepare for a Typhoon in the Midst of a Pandemic”

How to Protect Yourself Online

As of the first quarter of 2021, Facebook reported that they have roughly 2.85 billion active users worldwide. All these people have their names, photos, contact information, and other personal details available online. That is for Facebook alone; there are a host of other social media apps that are made available for everyone to expressContinue reading “How to Protect Yourself Online”

How to Write a Deed of Sale When Selling Your Car

I always thought that documents such as deeds of sale take long and arduous processes that require the knowledge and presence of a lawyer. When I sold my first car a few years back, I was taught — right outside the gate of our house — how to write a deed of sale by ourContinue reading “How to Write a Deed of Sale When Selling Your Car”

3 Steps to Get Your PhilSys ID (National ID)

You can now have yourself registered with the Philippine Identification System and get your very own PhilSys national ID. Make it your goal to get your ID before the year ends and be part of the nationwide movement to getting everyone fully and officially registred in our country’s ID system. Bakit kasi kailangan ko pangContinue reading “3 Steps to Get Your PhilSys ID (National ID)”