Should Married Women Keep Their Maiden Last Name?

It’s all over the news yesterday, right? The House of Representatives has approved the bill that will allow married women to keep their maiden last names — totally not adapting their husband’s last name — in their IDs and other transactions. I personally thought this was a “given” — I was actually surprised that it is being officialized as a law. This is huge.

Married women actually have the option to keep using their maiden names in their passports provided they never used their married name in their passports in the past. I guess this was my only basis for thinking that it is “normal” in the Philippines for married women to continue using their maiden names.

So, Filipinas are actually required to use their husband’s surname? Yes.

Currently, RA 386 specifies that women may use:

  • Their maiden first and last name and add their husband’s last name, or
  • Their maiden first name and their husband’s last name, or
  • Their husband’s full name (first and last) and just indicate a prefix or title that she is his wife such as “Mrs.”

With House Bill 10459 now approved by 227 lawmakers without a single objection, women are well on their way of simply retaining their maiden last name in all of their IDs, transactions, passports, documents, and other public records forever and ever. A fourth option under RA 386 shall be added (hopefully!) to say: Maiden first name and surname.

HB 10459 seeks to amend Article 370 of RA 386, otherwise known as the New Civil Code of the Philippines.

Are you in favor of this bill? Let us know in the comments below.


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