How to Submit your SSS Maternity Notification Online

And to cap our 3-day series on SSS Maternity Benefits, I am going to show you how to submit your maternity notification.  Now I realize I should have placed this at the beginning of the series (hah!) but since this is our third day doing this feature, I might as well just go ahead andContinue reading “How to Submit your SSS Maternity Notification Online”

List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits

The first part of this blog was released yesterday. All the how-to’s of availing the SSS maternity benefits are in there. If you missed yesterday’s blog, you can read it here. Documentary requirements for SOLO PARENTS Valid Solo Parent ID issued by DSWD For employers filing maternity reimbursement claims of former female employees who wereContinue reading “List of Documentary Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefits”

All You Need to Know About SSS Maternity Benefits

A friend of mine just became a Mom for the first time! So in honor of moms, I decided to research and write about one of the most important benefit claims that women must be fully aware of: the SSS maternity benefit! Read this and share it with your friends and families. First and foremost,Continue reading “All You Need to Know About SSS Maternity Benefits”

How to Pay for Your SSS Contribution and Loan Payments During a Pandemic

Being on lockdown must not be a reason for you to miss your SSS contribution and loan payments.  Your SSS account must remain active and updated even while you are working from home so you are assured of your claims and benefits when the need arises.  I have a friend who was recently diagnosed withContinue reading “How to Pay for Your SSS Contribution and Loan Payments During a Pandemic”

How to Apply for SSS Unemployment Benefits Online

Are you one of the many Filipinos who lost their jobs because of the pandemic?  If you are a contributing member of the SSS before you were unemployed, you can claim Unemployment Benefits from the SSS. You can file for this claim online, so you won’t have to go to an SSS office; I heardContinue reading “How to Apply for SSS Unemployment Benefits Online”

How to Create a MySSS Account

A MySSS account allows you to conveniently file claims at the SSS without physically visiting their branches.  You can check your SSS contributions, update your membership information, apply for loans and other privileges, and other such activities, right at the convenience of your home or office.  You can do all these and more even afterContinue reading “How to Create a MySSS Account”

SSS Unemployment Benefit Is Now Available!

Have you been involuntarily separated from your job?  Were you laid off, or your designation has been dissolved and resulted in your losing your job and source of income?  Take heart.  The Social Security System (SSS) is ready to help you get back on your feet! The SSS recently announced the availability of the SSSContinue reading “SSS Unemployment Benefit Is Now Available!”

How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions

I have been receiving a lot of questions on how a female SSS member can check (on her own) if she is eligible for maternity benefits from SSS. This is aside from the longer maternity leave days granted to all SSS female members this year. I noticed too that most of those who are askingContinue reading “How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions”