Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal

Last week, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) detailed the different features of the Philippine Identification Card or the PhilID in their website.  The government has started delivering the physical IDs of those who have completed steps 1 and 2 of the registration process. Now that the PSA has made the registration available online, more FilipinosContinue reading “Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal”

How to Get a Birth Certificate for Your Newborn Baby

A child’s birth must be duly registered at the Local Civil Registry office within 30 days after it is born.  Whether the baby was born in a hospital or at home, the parents must ensure that the child is properly registered at the LCR so that a PSA birth certificate may be issued for theContinue reading “How to Get a Birth Certificate for Your Newborn Baby”

How to Get Married Under the New Normal: Getting Your Marriage License

The pandemic brought most, if not all, of our big plans for 2020 to a screeching halt.  And that includes one of the most celebrated milestones in a person’s life: getting married. Are you one of the many couples whose plans for a big and happy wedding in 2020 were dashed because of COVID-19?  So howContinue reading “How to Get Married Under the New Normal: Getting Your Marriage License”

Why Can’t I Order a Certificate of Death Online?

In case you haven’t noticed, you cannot order for another person’s PSA certificates when ordering at  You can only request documents under your name (or your child’s, if you are a parent and is limited to birth certificates only). A Certificate of Death contains details about a person’s passing.  This document is as importantContinue reading “Why Can’t I Order a Certificate of Death Online?”

The Three PSA Certificates You Can Order Online, an online site where you can order your PSA Certificates of Live Birth, Marriage, and No Marriage (CENOMAR) is now open and ready to receive our requests!  This means that we now have the option to have our PSA documents delivered to us especially during these times when trips outside our homes must beContinue reading “The Three PSA Certificates You Can Order Online”

4 Reasons Why You Should Order Your PSA Certificates Online

The online ordering and delivery of PSA documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, and CENOMAR) is once again available via  This is a huge help for people like us who are still reeling from the threats of COVID-19. Online ordering of basically anything we need for our home, business, or job has become the newContinue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Order Your PSA Certificates Online”

Facts About Registering a Newborn Baby

Bonjour!  Mabuhay! Para wala nang turuan at sisihan later on, alamin na natin kung kanino ba talagang responsibility ang pag-register sa mga bagong silang na bata. Kung ang bata ay isinilang sa hospital, clinic, o iba pang similar institutions, ang administrator ng hospital o clinic na ito ang syang dapat mag facilitate ng registration ngContinue reading “Facts About Registering a Newborn Baby”

Tips When Filling Out the Certificate of Live Birth Part 2

Bonjour! Mabuhay! Here is the second part of my research on filling out Municipal Form 102 or the Certificate of Live Birth.  These details are as important as the child’s details that is why we need to be as careful when filling out these fields. Read on. MOTHER’S DETAILS a. Mother’s Maiden Name, Citizenship, ReligionContinue reading “Tips When Filling Out the Certificate of Live Birth Part 2”