Annulment in the Philippines: The Grounds for ‘Letting Go’

Divorce is not honored nor practiced in the Philippines.  The only option for Filipino couples to legally separate and regain their freedom to marry another person is to get their marriage annulled.  Annulment processes are long and expensive, often ugly and traumatic especially when children are involved.  Unlike divorce where the couple need only toContinue reading “Annulment in the Philippines: The Grounds for ‘Letting Go’”

Process of Annotating the Marriage Certificate After Annulment Has Been Granted

We receive a lot of inquiries about the annotation of marriage certificates after the annulment has been handed down by the court.  Most couples think that the moment they receive the finality of the annulment, they are free to get married anytime.  They would soon realize that the process of annotating the marriage certificate andContinue reading “Process of Annotating the Marriage Certificate After Annulment Has Been Granted”

Annulment vs. Declaration of Nullity of Marriage

Bonjour!  Mabuhay! We are still on the topic of annulment and a few days back, we touched on the Reformed Annulment Process recently announced by the Catholic Church.  The web is rich with information on this touchy subject and through diligent research, I discovered that Annulment per se and Nullity of Marriage are two differentContinue reading “Annulment vs. Declaration of Nullity of Marriage”