Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays

Now, you no longer need to take a leave from work just to have your driver’s license renewed.  The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently announced that their branches in malls shall now process applications for the renewal of driver’s licenses as well as issue student permits.  This shall be effective this month (June) andContinue reading “Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays”

Updated Requirements When Getting A Student’s Driving Permit

Did you know that the LTO regularly updates the requirements for the issuance of a student’s driving permit?  If you are planning on getting one this year, read this. Eligibility Requirements: The applicant must be: At least 17 years old; Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle. Able to read and write inContinue reading “Updated Requirements When Getting A Student’s Driving Permit”

Requirements When Applying for a Student’s Driving Permit

  Driving is a skill that every citizen must possess.  You can go to a driving school to learn or be mentored by a parent or a relative.  In my case, I learned from my friends who would sneak out of their homes in the dead of the night, pushing their parents’ trusty sedans everContinue reading “Requirements When Applying for a Student’s Driving Permit”