How to Write a Deed of Sale When Selling Your Car

I always thought that documents such as deeds of sale take long and arduous processes that require the knowledge and presence of a lawyer. When I sold my first car a few years back, I was taught — right outside the gate of our house — how to write a deed of sale by ourContinue reading “How to Write a Deed of Sale When Selling Your Car”

Just Married: How to Change Your Last Name in Your IDs and Documents

After exchanging “I do’s” with your husband, it is time you start changing your last name in most (if not all) of your government IDs and documents, too.  Or do you, really? Your change in marital status must be duly reflected in your accounts with the government such as your SSS (or GSIS if youContinue reading “Just Married: How to Change Your Last Name in Your IDs and Documents”

How to Renew Your Driver’s License Online

Is your driver’s license expiring soon and you are not sure how you can have it renewed given the current quarantine restrictions in your area? Good news! The Land Transportation Office (LTO) now welcomes driver’s license renewals via the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal.  It is an online platform where drivers and motor vehiclesContinue reading “How to Renew Your Driver’s License Online”

What Would You Wait In Line For?

Last Thursday, I found myself in a 90-minute line to see my obstetrician.  My high school best friend was in the area and she volunteered to accompany me while I waited for my turn.  Neither of us knew much about it but we were more than willing to endure the long wait as it gaveContinue reading “What Would You Wait In Line For?”

Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays

Now, you no longer need to take a leave from work just to have your driver’s license renewed.  The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently announced that their branches in malls shall now process applications for the renewal of driver’s licenses as well as issue student permits.  This shall be effective this month (June) andContinue reading “Drivers’ License Renewal Now Available During Saturdays”

Can I Get a TIN from BIR Even If I am Unemployed?

A Tax Identification Number (TIN) is assigned to an individual who will soon be paying taxes, either as an employed or self-employed income-earner.  However, a lot of people are wondering if, as an unemployed individual, they too could apply for their TIN. The answer is yes. Under Executive Order 98 (E.O. 98), persons transacting withContinue reading “Can I Get a TIN from BIR Even If I am Unemployed?”

All You Need To Know About Your Car Registration

We compiled all the frequently asked questions about car registration schedules, transfers, and fees, fines and penalties for late registration, and checking the authenticity of a vehicle’s OR and CR.  We are sharing these here today, as lifted from the website of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). My plate number is MGE 123, when willContinue reading “All You Need To Know About Your Car Registration”

Updated Requirements When Getting A Student’s Driving Permit

Did you know that the LTO regularly updates the requirements for the issuance of a student’s driving permit?  If you are planning on getting one this year, read this. Eligibility Requirements: The applicant must be: At least 17 years old; Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle. Able to read and write inContinue reading “Updated Requirements When Getting A Student’s Driving Permit”