Where To Pay Your SSS Contributions and Loans

The quarantines and lockdowns should not be a reason for us to miss our contributions and loan payments to the SSS. It is important (now more than ever) to make sure that our insurances are updated all the time, despite the restrictions in our localities. Good thing the SSS has partnered with several banks andContinue reading “Where To Pay Your SSS Contributions and Loans”

How to Correct Your MIDDLE NAME in Your PSA Birth Certificate

Many of us take the middle name in our birth certificate for granted until it is pointed out to us when making a transaction with a government agency, a bank, or in school. If you know that the middle name in your birth certificate is incorrect, blurry, or worse, lacking (!), here’s what you canContinue reading “How to Correct Your MIDDLE NAME in Your PSA Birth Certificate”

How to Correct Your FIRST NAME in Your PSA Birth Certificate

Last week, we featured the solutions to problems frequently encountered in marriage and death certificates. Today (and probably in the next two more days), we are going to focus on birth certificate problems and the PSA’s prescribed solutions for each. Remember, an erroneous birth certificate may cause delays in your transactions and the longer youContinue reading “How to Correct Your FIRST NAME in Your PSA Birth Certificate”

2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

A CENOMARor Certificate of No Marriage is a primary documentary requirement for those who are planning to get married.  It serves as proof that you or your would-be spouse is legally single – never contracted marriage or a previous marriage has been annulled.  It basically tells you if you are free to marry another person.Continue reading “2 Ways to Get a Copy of Your CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)”

105 Days: Extended Maternity Leave Act, Approved!

The President intentionally signed the Expanded Maternity Leave Act on February 20, 2019, one day before it would have lapsed into law.  That is good news! What do we need to know about the new law?  Read this: Previously on Maternity Leaves: Female employees were entitled to 60 days of paid leave for normal delivery.Continue reading “105 Days: Extended Maternity Leave Act, Approved!”

Important Guidelines When Applying for a Philippine Passport

Here are some tips that can help you make the most of your appointment with the DFA for your passport application or renewal. Before applying for a Philippine passport: All applicants should secure an online appointment when applying for a passport. The public is advised to secure their passports prior to booking their flights.  FlightContinue reading “Important Guidelines When Applying for a Philippine Passport”

4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth

My sister gave birth last March to twins.  It was her first pregnancy which means that she had to learn all the things that came with it, twice (changing diapers, breastfeeding, etc.).  She said that from the moment her doctor confirmed she was pregnant, she felt as if she was seeing, hearing, tasting, and feelingContinue reading “4 Steps in Registering your Child’s Birth”

Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth

It is that time of the year when dengue mosquitoes seem to be more active in hunting their prey.  Young and old alike can fall victim to these pesky insects that carry the deadly dengue virus.  It is no secret why emergency rooms are never without a patient exhibiting the early signs of dengue fever.Continue reading “Dengue Confinements are Covered by PhilHealth”