How to Get a Replacement of Your Damaged Passport

My friend’s dog tore his brand new passport apart, three months before he was scheduled to leave for Singapore.  He cried like a little boy while collecting the scraps of paper that was once his primary travel document. How do you get a replacement for your damaged passport?  Read this. First off, we need toContinue reading “How to Get a Replacement of Your Damaged Passport”

Passport Application for Minors: No Birth Certificate and Not Accompanied by Parents During Application

The sooner you are able to secure a passport for your child, the easier for you to take him on trips overseas and make traveling a part of his formative years.  A passport is also a valid ID that your child must have while growing up.  There are, however, cases when getting a passport forContinue reading “Passport Application for Minors: No Birth Certificate and Not Accompanied by Parents During Application”

What Are The Requirements for New Passport Application?

Due to the recent updates in the documentary requirements for passport application and renewal, my relatives (especially the seniors!) had a hard time figuring out whether they should bring copies of their PSA birth certificates and PSA marriage certificates on their appointment date.  Some were saying they must bring their PSA civil registry documents, whileContinue reading “What Are The Requirements for New Passport Application?”

4 Types of Visas Every Pinoy Traveler Needs to Know

Denied US visa… again?  We know it could be truly disappointing to be told you are not permitted to leave for a US state and without telling you why.  But take heart, there are a lot of other countries you can tour that are visa-free or have visa-on-arrival policies. We have the latest list ofContinue reading “4 Types of Visas Every Pinoy Traveler Needs to Know”

New DFA Passport Releasing Period Starts Today!

The long wait is indeed, over!  Today, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announces the shortened releasing period for regular and express passport processing.  This is good news to Pinoy travelers who rely on the speed and efficiency of DFA to produce and deliver their passports on time. Beginning today, October 1, 2018, passport applicantsContinue reading “New DFA Passport Releasing Period Starts Today!”

The Four Kinds of Passport Appointment Fixers and Why You Should Avoid Them

Securing a passport appointment online with the DFA has become a laborious task for Filipinos as of late.  It has become close to impossible to snag a date and time to visit your preferred DFA branch for your passport application or renewal to be processed.  Pinoys, especially those who travel frequently for work and business,Continue reading “The Four Kinds of Passport Appointment Fixers and Why You Should Avoid Them”

63 Visa-free Countries for the Pinoy Traveler

The Philippine Passport’s strength ranks 72nd in the world as more foreign countries open their doors to Pinoys without the need for a visa.  Last year, we were 75th among 199 passports, so there is definitely some reason to celebrate the three notches we climbed this year. Have you been granted a 10-year validity inContinue reading “63 Visa-free Countries for the Pinoy Traveler”

Can I Renew My Passport Before It Expires?

The quickest answer to this question is yes.  In fact, it is highly advisable to have your passport renewed before it expires as most countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your departure. Here are a few more pointers that frequent travelers need to know aboutContinue reading “Can I Renew My Passport Before It Expires?”