Philhealth Facts for Sea-based OFWs

Sea-based Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are also encouraged to become Philhealth members or continue their Philhealth contributions even while they are working abroad.  Here are the frequently asked questions of sea-based OFWs regarding Philhealth membership, contributions, and how they can avail of services and benefits. Q: How do I register as a sea-based OFW PhilhealthContinue reading “Philhealth Facts for Sea-based OFWs”

Philhealth Facts for Land-based OFWs

Philhealth membership is open to all Filipinos in the country and those working abroad.  Recently, automatic membership has been granted to Pinoy senior citizens, a move that delighted our parents.  Lolos and Lolas as they no longer need to pay their Philhealth contributions but are assured of Philhealth assistance when they need medical care. ThisContinue reading “Philhealth Facts for Land-based OFWs”