3 Steps to Get Your PhilSys ID (National ID)

You can now have yourself registered with the Philippine Identification System and get your very own PhilSys national ID. Make it your goal to get your ID before the year ends and be part of the nationwide movement to getting everyone fully and officially registred in our country’s ID system. Bakit kasi kailangan ko pangContinue reading “3 Steps to Get Your PhilSys ID (National ID)”

Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal

Last week, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) detailed the different features of the Philippine Identification Card or the PhilID in their website.  The government has started delivering the physical IDs of those who have completed steps 1 and 2 of the registration process. Now that the PSA has made the registration available online, more FilipinosContinue reading “Your PhilSys ID: Up, Close, and Personal”

What Documents and IDs are Needed to Get a PhilSys National ID?

Today, the Philippine Identification System or PhilSys launched the online platform where Filipinos can accomplish “Step 1” of the 3-step process to get a National ID. If you are still waiting for your turn to register online (because the site they published in their Facebook page is still unstable), it may be best to checkContinue reading “What Documents and IDs are Needed to Get a PhilSys National ID?”

How to Get Your Digital National ID from PhilSys

Did you know that you can now apply for your digital National ID online? According to the official Facebook account of the Philippine Identification System (@PSAPhilSysOfficial), there are three easy steps to get a digital national ID through the online registration portal that will be made available this month (April 2021). I checked and itContinue reading “How to Get Your Digital National ID from PhilSys”

What You Need to Know About the Philippine Identification System (or the National ID)

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has begun conducting pre-registrations for the PhiSys or the National ID System.  Here are relevant information you need to know about PhilSys and the ongoing preliminary registrations you may have heard of in your area. What is PhilSys or the National ID System? PhilSys will serve as the national identificationContinue reading “What You Need to Know About the Philippine Identification System (or the National ID)”

A Summary of the National ID Law

Did you know that the government, through the Philippine Identification System or PhilSys, will capture all transactions you will make using your national ID? Here are more facts about the national ID that we found in Rappler and are excited to share with you. The PhilSys centralizes all personal information of Filipino citizens and residentContinue reading “A Summary of the National ID Law”

National ID Mass Registration To Go Full Blast by Mid-2020

  As anticipated, the PSA began the pilot run for national ID registration last Sunday, September 1, 2019.  They are currently focused on having DSWD beneficiaries in Metro Manila registered to the national ID system.  Government employees, particularly the employees of the PSA are also counted in the pilot run. According to the information weContinue reading “National ID Mass Registration To Go Full Blast by Mid-2020”

Why Do We Need A National ID System?

The National ID has been the subject of a lot of reports ever since the President signed this into law last August 2018.  Recently, the government announced that the pilot run for the registration and issuance of the ID shall begin on September 2019, driving some to scamper for copies of the required documents andContinue reading “Why Do We Need A National ID System?”