How to Correct Errors in a PSA Death Certificate

The details in a death certificate must be accurate – I cannot stress that enough. The subject of a death certificate could no longer contest or dispute the errors in this document that is why it is the family’s responsibility to ensure that this document is, to put it bluntly, faultless.  If a family member’sContinue reading “How to Correct Errors in a PSA Death Certificate”

How to Correct an Error in the First Name of the Deceased in a PSA Death Certificate

No public document is ever immune or exempted from errors and oversights. These documents are filled out manually and are handed over from one section or division to another and along the way, someone is bound to overlook or misspell something. How do you rectify incorrect entries in a PSA death certificate? Read on. TheContinue reading “How to Correct an Error in the First Name of the Deceased in a PSA Death Certificate”

How to Get a PSA Death Certificate Online

When a child is born, the details of his or her birth must be duly registered at the Local Civil Registrar’s office.  This is how a person is assigned his own birth certificate which he will use as proof of his identity, nationality, and age (and other important personal information) during his lifetime. When aContinue reading “How to Get a PSA Death Certificate Online”

Get Your PSA Birth Certificate at

As I write this, there are 10,016 new active cases of COVID-19 nationwide. That’s 10,016 reasons to stay at home and limit our movements to only to the most essential and urgent. Minors, seniors, and those with underlying health conditions (diabetes, weak lungs, asthma, history of stroke, and the like) must stay at home.  AndContinue reading “Get Your PSA Birth Certificate at”

How Will You Benefit From The Universal Health Care Law?

Last week, the President signed into law the bill that intends to automatically enroll every Filipino in the National Health Insurance Program or Republic Act No. 11223.  The program will be handled by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth. What can Filipinos look forward to with the new health law? Every Pinoy is nowContinue reading “How Will You Benefit From The Universal Health Care Law?”

105 Days: Extended Maternity Leave Act, Approved!

The President intentionally signed the Expanded Maternity Leave Act on February 20, 2019, one day before it would have lapsed into law.  That is good news! What do we need to know about the new law?  Read this: Previously on Maternity Leaves: Female employees were entitled to 60 days of paid leave for normal delivery.Continue reading “105 Days: Extended Maternity Leave Act, Approved!”

How to Correct the Birth Date, Month, and Birth Year in a PSA Birth Certificate

Do you have a problem with the entries in your birth date, month, or year in your birth certificate?  Like any other error, your birth date details are as vital because it indicates your age – a vital requirement for job applications, getting a driver’s license, school enrollment, and other transactions that have age requirements. Continue reading “How to Correct the Birth Date, Month, and Birth Year in a PSA Birth Certificate”

How to Correct or Change the Last Name on a PSA Birth Certificate

Another common birth certificate error involves the owner’s last name (family name).  This could either be blurred, misspelled, or missing (especially if the child is illegitimate).  Unlike first and middle names, correcting the last name can be complicated as some cases require the intervention of a lawyer or a court proceeding. Today, we are goingContinue reading “How to Correct or Change the Last Name on a PSA Birth Certificate”