Delayed Registration Of Marriage: All You Need To Know

Marriages must be registered at the Office of the Local Civil Registry no later than 30 days from the date of the celebration. Any day later than that and the registration is considered delayed or late. But before I give you the details on how to file a delayed registration of marriage, let me justContinue reading “Delayed Registration Of Marriage: All You Need To Know”

List Of Documentary Requirements For First-time Passport Applicants

Are you applying for a Philippine passport for the very first time? Here are the IDs and documents you need to prepare to make sure that your trip to the DFA is not wasted (especially now when our movements are restricted because of the pandemic): ADULT NEW APPLICATION A. Core Requirements Confirmed online appointment PersonalContinue reading “List Of Documentary Requirements For First-time Passport Applicants”

How To Apply For A US Fiance Visa (K-1)

You can gain US citizenship by marrying a US citizen; and you can enter US territories through the power of a K-1 visa. A K-1 visa permits foreign-citizen fiance to travel to the US and marry his or her US citizen sponsor within 90 days upon arrival. How do I apply for a K-1 visa?Continue reading “How To Apply For A US Fiance Visa (K-1)”

Bayad Center Now Accepts Payments For PSAHelpline Orders

Are you one of the many Pinoys who has tried ordering your PSA birth certificate at is my go-to site for all of my civil registry documents especially now that there is a pandemic and PSA offices are often close due to the quarantine restrictions. At, you can simply place your ordersContinue reading “Bayad Center Now Accepts Payments For PSAHelpline Orders”

How to Apply for a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall

Last week, I had the experience of a lifetime — I filed my application for a marriage license! Yes, I’m getting married! So, while there, I grabbed the opportunity to take as much photos as I can to document the process. I’m sharing my firsthand experience here today hoping it could help others who mayContinue reading “How to Apply for a Marriage License at the Quezon City Hall”

Is My Marriage Valid? How to Know If You Are Legally Married

Nothing can be more heartbreaking than finding out that your marriage is invalid.  I am an avid reader of suspense thriller novels and my favorite plot is when a husband (or wife) finds out that the married life he or she was led to believe was a lie. The pain of this realization is moreContinue reading “Is My Marriage Valid? How to Know If You Are Legally Married”

How to Check your Philhealth Contributions Online

Good news! You can now check and monitor your Philhealth contributions online. It should be easier to know now if there are payments you may have missed or if the details in your account need updating such as your last name (for female members who got married), your address, and the list of your dependents.Continue reading “How to Check your Philhealth Contributions Online”

Get Your PSA Birth Certificate at

As I write this, there are 10,016 new active cases of COVID-19 nationwide. That’s 10,016 reasons to stay at home and limit our movements to only to the most essential and urgent. Minors, seniors, and those with underlying health conditions (diabetes, weak lungs, asthma, history of stroke, and the like) must stay at home.  AndContinue reading “Get Your PSA Birth Certificate at”