How To Get A Replacement For A Lost Student Driver’s Permit

Losing any type of ID is such a hassle, right? When a person loses his wallet, he is more likely to say, “Kahit yung mga ID ko na lang ang ma-recover ko, di bale na ‘yung pera,” We can all relate because hey, getting a government-issued ID in the Philippines is time-consuming, not economical (youContinue reading “How To Get A Replacement For A Lost Student Driver’s Permit”

e-Passport Renewal Requirements and Supporting Documents

The Department of Foreign Affairs has once again opened its doors to passport applications and renewals. It is still quite a challenge to secure an online appointment but right now, it’s the only way we can have our passports renewed in the midst of a pandemic. So, whether you are applying for a passport forContinue reading “e-Passport Renewal Requirements and Supporting Documents”

UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS

Good news! You may now file your UMID application at SSS branches after being put on hold because of the pandemic. The SSS actually began accepting applications last September 27, 2021. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to prepare your application requirements so you can finally get your very own UMID (Unified MultipurposeContinue reading “UMID Card Application Resumes At SSS”

How To Set An Appointment For Step 2 Registration Of The PhilSys ID

I have successfully set an appointment for step 2 of my PhilSys ID application. The website is user-friendly, easy to read and understand, and can even be edited if you need to update or change any information you have submitted. If you have not yet taken “Step 1” of the registration process, now is theContinue reading “How To Set An Appointment For Step 2 Registration Of The PhilSys ID”

Are You Qualified To Receive A Separation Pay From Your Company?

Not everyone who resigns or is removed from his or her employment is qualified to receive a separation pay from their employer. In today’s blog, I will feature the reasons why an employee may be granted or denied the separation pay, depending on the reasons for his removal from work. Read on. The Separation PayContinue reading “Are You Qualified To Receive A Separation Pay From Your Company?”

Pinoy Traveler’s Guide On Philippine Departure Procedures

Yesterday, I featured the guidelines when arriving on Philippine soil whether as a balik-bayan, an OFW, or a foreign national. Today, my blog will focus on departure procedures that you need to comply with to avoid delays and denials at the airport. These shall be in effect until further notice or while there is stillContinue reading “Pinoy Traveler’s Guide On Philippine Departure Procedures”

Delayed Registration Of Marriage: All You Need To Know

Marriages must be registered at the Office of the Local Civil Registry no later than 30 days from the date of the celebration. Any day later than that and the registration is considered delayed or late. But before I give you the details on how to file a delayed registration of marriage, let me justContinue reading “Delayed Registration Of Marriage: All You Need To Know”

List Of Documentary Requirements For First-time Passport Applicants

Are you applying for a Philippine passport for the very first time? Here are the IDs and documents you need to prepare to make sure that your trip to the DFA is not wasted (especially now when our movements are restricted because of the pandemic): ADULT NEW APPLICATION A. Core Requirements Confirmed online appointment PersonalContinue reading “List Of Documentary Requirements For First-time Passport Applicants”