SSS Sickness And Maternity Benefits: Your Employers’ Legal Obligations

Contributing to the SSS alone does not guarantee a smooth and hassle-free benefits-claiming process. Believe it or not, your employer has a significant role in making sure that you are able to claim and use your SSS privileges right when you need it. Today’s feature will focus on two very important SSS benefits that involveContinue reading “SSS Sickness And Maternity Benefits: Your Employers’ Legal Obligations”

New Way of Receiving the SSS Funeral Benefit Claim

SSS Funeral Claims will now be deposited directly to your bank account that is enrolled in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) in the My.SSS portal. You no longer need to go to an SSS office to claim your check or wait in line at a bank just to cash your check. Everything is appliedContinue reading “New Way of Receiving the SSS Funeral Benefit Claim”

SSS Unemployment Benefit Is Now Available!

Have you been involuntarily separated from your job?  Were you laid off, or your designation has been dissolved and resulted in your losing your job and source of income?  Take heart.  The Social Security System (SSS) is ready to help you get back on your feet! The SSS recently announced the availability of the SSSContinue reading “SSS Unemployment Benefit Is Now Available!”

How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions

I have been receiving a lot of questions on how a female SSS member can check (on her own) if she is eligible for maternity benefits from SSS. This is aside from the longer maternity leave days granted to all SSS female members this year. I noticed too that most of those who are askingContinue reading “How To Check If You Are Eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit Based On Your Actual Monthly Contributions”

Download the SSS Mobile App Now!

Good news to all SSS members!  We can now conveniently access our SSS membership information by simply swiping our phone’s screen and tapping on the SSS mobile app. How does it work? Download the SSS Mobile App from Google Play Store (for Android users) and App Store (for Apple users). Your smartphone or tablet mustContinue reading “Download the SSS Mobile App Now!”

How to Compute for Your SSS Maternity Benefit

Female SSS members are entitled to maternity benefits.  Whether she is an employed member or is voluntarily contributing to the system, she must be granted the necessary financial support as her privilege under the SSS, provided she meets the basic documentary and contribution requirements of the system. How does one compute for her SSS maternityContinue reading “How to Compute for Your SSS Maternity Benefit”

SSS Maternity Notification: Just One Text Away!

Female SSS members, whether under the employed or voluntary (self-employed) status, must notify SSS right away in order to ensure that they are given the proper maternity benefits.  Employed members may course the notification through their employers, while voluntary members still need to go to the nearest SSS office. One of the prevalent reasons whyContinue reading “SSS Maternity Notification: Just One Text Away!”

7-Step Process when Applying for the SSS Loan Restructuring Program 2018 and Other FAQs

We asked several SS members who have outstanding loan balances with the agency why they chose to ignore the loan condonation program of the SSS last year.  Most of them said that they do not see the need to settle their obligation since the money they borrowed was actually taken from their own SS contributions.Continue reading “7-Step Process when Applying for the SSS Loan Restructuring Program 2018 and Other FAQs”